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Jeremy Williams

I’m back! After 30 years in road safety it was time for a sabbatical. Now I’m back, with new energy, the latest science, and a range of driver training programs that are miles ahead of anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s very exciting to be re-engaging with clients, colleagues and friends.  I’ve assembled a small team of amazing teachers to deliver your training, and partner with you on the way to zero harm.

Every 90 seconds

No Time to Lose

In the 90 seconds it has taken you to read this page, 3 people have died and more than 200 people have been injured on the world’s roads. In Australia alone, more than 7 people have been hospitalised. Start making a real difference. Don’t wait for people you care for to be hurt. Call now.

Welcome to Driver Training Australia. Pick from one of the three exciting new driver training programs depending on the best fit for your organization’s safety culture. Use the Safety Culture Survey as a diagnostic tool to select the most appropriate course for superior engagement, optimal transfer and sustained results. All programs are designed using our totally new “4-Ways Driver Training” model. The model helps participants by integrating a ‘learning styles’ methodology into training design. This helps ‘connect’ learners with the ideas and materials in ways that suit personal preferences.


We care deeply about helping people protect themselves from harm. We will do whatever it takes to help empower drivers to prevent crashes.

Transform your driving into an expression of your best self. See how the latest advances in psychology, neuroscience and adult learning can change the way you feel, think and act when you’re behind the wheel. Bring your deepest and most fundamental beliefs, values and aspirations into alignment.

We have a range of products and services from driver training and road safety education for professional drivers, to incident investigation and consultancy services.

Make it Stick!
Have you ever sat in a course and thought, “I already know this. What a waste of my time” or perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering “What is this guy saying? I don't understand.”.

To promote positive change in your organization, it’s critical that the program you select closely matches the knowledge, skills, experience and expectations of the audience; your culture. Its important participants can see a personal benefit in making the change you need and are involved in the process.

The first step is to take the Safety Culture Survey. The results of the survey will help you match our driver training program as closely as possible to your organization’s culture. Then simply take a look at the course program and call to arrange the training. We deliver at your site anywhere in Australia at a fixed price, all-inclusive.



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