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Testimonial "Jeremy, Thank you for the time you spent with us…I just wanted to let you know that I think your training was one of the best I’ve ever attended on behalf of BOC Gases…this is the first course I have attended that all the principles of adult learning have been applied. Your depth of knowledge of the subject was exceptional.” Stephen Haller









Guide to Free Resources



Make it Stick

Research shows that around 70% of knowledge and skill learnt on a course is routinely lost within 24 hours if it isn’t used or reviewed. That’s a bad return-on-investment in anyone’s reckoning. There are proven strategies to improve recall, comprehension and transfer. Supervisors should first understand the Forgetting Curve and then follow the steps in Supervisors. Students should use the Make it Stick activities at one-day, one-week and one-month after the training.

1 - Forgetting Curve

2 - Supervisors

3 - Word Search
(First Day)
4 - Reflection
(First Week)
5 - Self Assessment
(First Month)



Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets are a great way to raise awareness, start group discussions or fill knowledge gaps. Discuss a Fact Sheet topic at monthly safety meetings. Send us a training attendance form with the names of attendances (or other evidence) and we’ll issue a FREE certificate for anyone participating in all of the first 13 discussion topics (1 My Vehicle through 13 Spirit). A sample Attendance List can be found in the Free Resources section below.

1 - My Vehicle
2 - Seatbelts
3 - Safe Driving 4 - Speeding

5 - Impairment
6 - Fatigue 7 - Tyres 8 - Headlights

9 - Loose Items 10 - Safety Ownership 11 - Optimism 12 - Emotions

13 - Spirit
14 - Driver Training 15 - Competency 16 - Adult Learning

17 - Attitude Training
18 - Safety Culture    



Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are a recognised way to “stop & think” about the risks associated with a particular task or job. Toolbox Talks are different to training or awareness sessions because the leader, usually a supervisor, is not trying to impart new knowledge or skill. At this point the team should be Competent. Here the leader is attempting to ensure everyone on the work party has a clear understanding of the particular risks and controls. Everyone needs to agree, and where possible ‘sign-off’ on how we will work (drive).

How to conduct a Toolbox Talk
Pre-Start Check Toolbox Talk Journey Management Toolbox Talk What is Safe Driving Toolbox Talk



Resources / Checklists

Please use and share these free resources. You are welcome to copy or modify these forms to meet your individual needs.

Teachers Feedback
Basic Prestart
Journey Management
DTA Attendance
Driver Training

Root Cause
Customer Service

10 Mistakes
Parents Make

Risk Part 1
Subjective Risk

Risk Part 2
Objective Risk

Risk Part 3
Controlling Risk