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What is Safety Culture?

Domenic Cooper defines an organization’s safety culture as “The way we do things around here”.

Your organization’s safety culture will involve the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values that employees share in relation to safety.

You’re seeking change, but people generally resist change and only do change because they choose to.

The 4-Ways Driver Training Model © incorporates practical learning aimed at preventing crashes proactively (Behavior), positively influencing explanatory style (Cognition), developing emotional intelligence (Emotion), and clarifying your learners’ personal sense of purpose (Spirit).

The language, style and activities are weighted to closely match your organization’s safety culture. This offers the best chance of delivering an optimal return on your investment.

Read more. What is Safety Culture? Fact Sheet (PDF)


Safey Culture Survey

Think about the following statements, and how they apply to your workplace. If you’re taking the survey on behalf of your organisation, try to imagine how your drivers might respond. You can take this survey as a group activity. Place a number in the box from 1 to 9 depending on how strongly you agree with the statement.

1 = strongly disagree
3 = disagree
5 = not sure, neither agree nor disagree
7 = agree
9 = strongly agree

  1. All workplace accidents can be avoided. It’s a shared responsibility.

  2. My manager starts every conversation with a safety moment.

  3. We virtually never have accidents. On the rare occasion we do, it’s usually minor, and there’s no time lost.

  4. I never worry about reporting an incident.

  5. We’re always looking for safer ways to do things.

  6. Incidents are principally caused by organisational factors removed in time and space from the event.

  7. Reporting hazards is a normal and routine activity. I receive regular feedback on safety performance.

  8. Moral is high in my workplace. I really trust my supervisor and the management.

  9. I’ve noticed myself working and playing safer at home since working in this organisation.

  10. Safety really is our first consideration.


It’s important to rate your organisation realistically. Because major incidents are rare, it’s normal to think your safety performance is better than it really is. Try to think about the way your company is, not the way you would like it to be.