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Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Can you teach my learner driver or ‘P’ Plater?
No, Driver Training Australia’s programs are for experienced and licenced drivers. For a 1:1 driving lesson we recommend your local automobile association. Go to the links page

(2) Does Driver Training Australia deliver training at our site?
Yes, Driver Training Australia delivers training on-site anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands. We do not conduct public courses for individual drivers.

(3) How many students can attend a course?
Normally up to 8 students can attend Level One, Level Two or Level Three courses. These courses have a practical driving component and positions are limited by the seating capacity of passenger vehicles. Classroom-based workshops and larger presentations can accommodate groups of up to 30, sometimes more.

(4) Do students need to go to a racetrack or skidpan for training?
No, all training is delivered at your site, and the practical components are conducted on road, in real driving conditions.

(5) Does Driver Training Australia supply training vehicles?
Practical training is usually delivered in the client’s vehicles. Activities are group-based with up to four students, and one instructor, per car. In most cases, only two passenger cars are required per course. DTA can arrange hire cars if required.

(6) What qualifications do your instructors hold?
As a minimum, all our instructors hold current Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessing AQF TAE40110.

(7) How much does Driver Training Australia charge?
Driver Training Australia offers a single all inclusive course fee to have your training delivered on-site anywhere in Australia*. We charge per day. Your investment includes all labour, travel, accommodation, ground transport, student materials, certificates and incidentals. There are no additional or hidden costs. Download current price list

(8) Does Driver Training Australia charge extra for travel and other expenses?
No, Driver Training Australia has a fixed-price for training services. Your budgeting is made easy as you will know in advance exactly what your investment will be. Conditions apply*. Download current price list

(9) Does Driver Training Australia accept credit-card payment?
Yes, DTA accepts Visa, MasterCard and direct-deposit payments. All training must be paid for in advance. No exceptions.

(10) Is there a Cancellation Penalty?
Yes, if your training is cancelled after payment has been received, and less than 30 days from your training, a cancellation penalty will apply. If you cancel a scheduled course before payment has been received and more than 30 days from a course, no penalty will apply. Download current price list with cancellation penalty information

(11) Does Driver Training Australia supply a certificate of attendance?
Yes, every participant receives a certificate of attendance listing the areas of knowledge gained and/or competence achieved. PDF versions are available as evidence for storing in Learning Management Systems. Certificates are sent in batches to your training administrator.

(12) How do we make training more effective? How do we make it stick, after the training has finished?
All of Driver Training Australia’s programs are designed using the latest research in adult learning, organisational and road safety. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach to designing, building, delivering and supporting our programs. Consider supporting the training with additional toolbox talks, refreshers and peer-review. Ask about free resources and activities to help boost retention and reinforce key safety messages.